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By Using All These Futures You Can Make Your API and Payment System More Secure.

Rs.10 Reward

Rs.10 will be given to you on first account creration,in your wallet.You can test the API system by using that balance..

IP WhiteList

Your Payment will be complete only if you whitelist your server IP. Event if someone else owns your api,they won't be able to withdraw payments..

Payout Number Block

If you want to block any number, you can do it through this future. by doin this, it is not possible to make any payment to that number..

Daily Auto Refund

If you call and make a payment to a number that is not a Paytm number or Paytm KYC is not complete. Or if the payment is rejected by paytm due to any other problem then your payment will be refunded automatically...

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I designed this website and I did all the developing. I have done all the work and logic used in this website. But I am not a big developer, I make small applications and websites..

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I am the admin of this website. I have built this payment system from the developer. All transactions here are completed by me and I manage them..


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